Thank you for checking out the Daily Event Calendar script.

Daily Event Calendar, as the name implies, is a very simple Event Management System. It is a simple system to keep track of future events that you need to be aware of.

In this application, a simple user management system is included the user will be able to create account through the front-page. This allow only authenticated users to create events.

The application is very flexible. In simplicity, the event management system is only 1 file called "event.php". All other files are some additional components. You can easily integrate this application in your application.

Features include:

  • - Simple user management system
  • - Javascript framework for cross-browser compatibility and better user interface
  • - Basic stylesheets
  • - Standard PHP file that requires standard PHP server
  • - Database file to get yourself start ahead

1.1 Changelog:

  • - Fixed browser compatibility (Safari, Chrome, and Opera)
  • - Improved validation when creating new event
  • - Removed the user management system. User can register from the front of the page
  • - Added user-defined event type. Example: Meeting, Conference
  • - Added event-sharing with other users. A known e-mail is required
  • - Added hyperlink associated to an event

Live Demo
You can try out a demo by clicking on the "Sign-In" button on the top right corner of this page

PHP Server and MySQL database

Any questions, suggestions, and comments are recommended to improve this application.